Interior decoration

„The role of colors are not to decorate, but to overcome emptiness and create new room and space.”   /Lucien Hervé/

Interior decoration requires craft, experience and sophistication which effects our emotions and feelings.

The role of the interior decorator is just the same important as the architects, being responsible for suiting up the building, creating character with harmony. Optimized use of space, convenience, functionality, quality of equipment all lie on the decorator’s shoulder. The colors and the furniture should fit each other and also to the style of the customer and the personality of its users. A chosen style with matching materials and design elements makes an interior delightful, but lack of it could unfortunately result the opposite end as well.

The decorators task is to add harmony, convenience and aesthetics to private spaces and support workflow, create the background and conditions of effective work while also providing comfort and nice environment for public and commercial spaces.

What is a good interior decorator is like?

Empathic. Recognizes the taste of the customer and follows fashion. Precise. Sensitive for functionality, quality, style and aesthetics, with the utmost attention to detail, that altogether have an effect on our senses and emotions.