What we are good at

✔ Expensive professional experience

From family residences through shopping centers to church, we were fortunate enough to have designed several different sort of buildings over the years. Thanks to this diversified experience we now understand what distinguishes good from great. We are familiar with the everyday use and how work is done at a public, a commercial or industrial building. Comprehending and focusing on the main points of a workflow while planning is inevitable. It not only increases efficiency but it is the single way to find the optimum that serves the needs of both the customer and the users of a building.


✔ Keeping deadlines

Over the last 20 years we have never-ever fallen short of a deadline, having been always on time. We respect the time of our customers, knowing that delay – especially in case of a commercial or industrial building – can lead to significant loss. We believe that one who is late will at some point be forced to rush and that has only on ending: bad quality. Therefore being punctual is a matter of prestige for us, for over two decades now.


✔ Knowledge of tender conditions

We have had the chance to experience several time how to square tender conditions and candidate needs, which tend to be far from each other. After dozens of successful tenders behind us, we have learned how a candidate – family or firm – can maximize its application possibilities and at the same time make the other side satisfied as well.


✔ Perfectly suiting customer needs

It is common in a small town or village that houses look very much alike. These building were not “tailor made” but by the tree from the same architect making minimal modifications. We do not believe in these sort of confection plans because every person, family, company is different. We love challenges and we take them up. Our aim is not to sell an existing plan by some little fixation, but to bring our experience and your imagination together and compose a stylish house, perfectly fitting you.