How to choose an architect?

Buildings are not raised for short months. From bungalows to public buildings all are created for long years or more likely for decades. Choosing an architect is a decision effecting decades ahead. So think it over thoroughly. You should look for an architect:

  • with whom you are on the same page. The architect must not only understand, but also feel what you imagine and it should already be apparent on the very first drawings.
  • whose previous works makes you satisfied and who’s style suits yours..
  • who has experience regarding the type of building you are about to build (that is even more important at tenders), because that brings the huge extra-knowledge which will be observable and touchable at the practicability of the building
  • who complies with the deadlines. It is not only about whether the building will be ready on time, but it also pre-indicates that quality. Someone who is always late will have less time, energy and attention on your plans, undermining those solution details that part the good from great, differentiating a property where you like being from the one where you love.